William Laurence
William laurence



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Imperium of Man, Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus


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Imperium of Man

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Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor


"I have yet to find a means, which does not justify our ends." - William Laurence to Captain Nicholas Byrne, upon the second exterminatus of Olympia by means of biomancy.

Early Life

Born to unknown parents, William's own theory is he is the child of a whore, he spent his early life in the care of the church. A particular sect which concerned itself with the proper education and upbringing of the lost waifs and strays common to the underhive. Much like the schola progenium, the sect accepted orphans and unwanted children, albeit with far lower standards. Children were cared for and tutored according to the Lectito Divinatus. Laurence was an unexceptional student, showing more aptitude in the physical, and oftentimes violent games the children would play. The priests as such, had him marked for a future missionary.

Coming of age

William first showed signs of psychic aptitude at the age of ten, where he began to outstrip the other children in terms of physical strength considerably, coming to the point where the young boy could resist attempts to restrain him by the temple's priests, fully grown adult men.

At this point, the decision was taken by the priests to give William the God Emperor's Mercy. Believing him to be infected by chaos taint, the Ayatani, head priest of the temple had the boy restrained by multiple other priests, and taken out to be "put to peace". After some time, and the three priests having not returned, he gathered together the rest of the priesthood, and went to search for them. They found the bodies.


From this point onward, William would be a complete outcast from underhive society. The physical changes his body was undergoing were sufficient to identify him at some distance. The level of muscle mass his body was creating far exceeded a normal child's development, and after some time living along in the sump, the lowest level of the hive, he took on a hunched, animalistic posture.

Over time, his body would continue to change, producing a creature more animal than human. These changes were not conscious, as his later developments would be, but were simply a form of adaptation. He was cold, living outside, far from the geo-vents where underhive society clusters, so his body grew more hair. He had to hunt small animals to eat, his senses improved to better track them, his canines lengthened, and his adult teeth, when they came, would be sharp, regardless of position. This would lead to a overall bestial appearance. With filthy grey fur, better to hide among the pipework, long hooked claws to climb through the hive, almost perfect night sight, and a sense of smell and hearing to rival hounds. He became a hunter.


Over time, the priesthood, and the various gangs and residents of the underhive made multiple attempts to eliminate this unholy creature. William hid from them. Then, realising his own increasing abilities of stealth, he began to watch them. Then he stalked them. And finally, he began to hunt them, for he had to eat, and while they hunted him, chasing small rodents and the like, was next to impossible. Once the killing started, the hunts were abandoned, and the area of the sump laurence had taken residence in was sworn off. Signs were painted on the entryways to the area, warning of the beast within.



Some time into this period of solitude, the actual length left unknown, for he did not count days, but later speculated by himself to be a multitude of months, food began to be left near one of the doors. Ration bars and the like. Laurence was wary at first, but soon found this new source of food a pleasant supplement to his usual diet of whatever he could hunt. It was never enough to completely sate his furious appetite, but it was a welcome addition. Curiosity soon followed, and he sought to find who was leaving these packages. He watched the doorway, and every time, a man in a red robe would open the door a crack, leave the box, and then run. This was no surprise, Laurence had come to understand the fear humans regarded him with. The beast that laurence had become, for he no longer truly could be reffered to as laurence, reffering to himself in his own thoughts simply as "Me" and, as time ground on, his internal monologue continued to deteriorate, ceasing to use language almost entirely. On one such ocassion, he decided to follow one of the men in red.