The Thengul are a kingdom of several clans spread around their lands. Their lands are some of the most fertile on the phoenix island they have a vibrant farming and fishing market. The Thengul clans have a proud and strong warrior culture, with every man woman and child learning how to fight early in life. They regularly raid the other kingdoms, for resources, slaves or just to simply test their mettle and hone their skills through real combat. Every thengul is a competent sailor and the thengul ships are some of the best in the land. Thengul rise through their warrior status from being youngbloods to thanes to hengstimon and finally jarls. The highest rank that they can achieve as a warrior is to become a golden band, the greatest warriors and heros of the thengul. thengul stand on average 6ft 7 with skin, hair and eye color varying wildly, as thengul take husbands and wives from the other kingdoms during raiding. They have a deep culture and one of the only records that dates back during the time before the dragons. Unfortunately that only a few can read it and even then things can be misread do to the age.