A capitalist meritocracy, where the intelligent, strong, and brave thrive, and everyone else is trodden underfoot. Due to the rigorous nature of life in the conglomerate, the species has naturally streamed itself into informal social castes.


The Res (Rez) - The Res, as they are called are the vicious leaders, The Ceo's of corporations, and even shadier businesses. Cunning, underhanded and brutal, they exploit every other caste to their own will and know how to broker power.

The Inge (In-gae) - These are the scientists, accountants and advisers, the foremost minds of the Conglomerate, but without the spirit and cunning of the Res to dominate in their own right.

The Ek (Eck) - The brutes of the species, Lower in intelligence, but with muscle mass and bone thickness outstripping their fellows. these are the soldiers, bodyguards, thugs, and heavy workers, mining and construction are given to the Ek. easily tricked but fiercely loyal, and Stubborn to a tee, someone you want on your side in a bar fight, or a war.

The Vil (Vil) - The underclass, shorter in stature, cowardly, and downtrodden, they do however show a strong survival instinct, and will fight bitterly if cornered, with whatever comes to hand. these are the clerks, cleaners, and factory workers.

The castes are held together by societal norms and are not enforced, breeding is entirely possible between castes, and in fact can form very useful crossbreeds, for instance, Res/Ek crossbreeds are the most common and make excellent military commanders.


The Liber maintain a high level of technology, due to the nature of their society there is quite a discrepancy in advancement. One corporation can protect the secrets to a new technology for some time, becoming the only supplier of said advancement for months or even years. Needless to say, this is a very lucrative opportunity, and technological secrets are jealously guarded.

Space Travel

The most significant discovery in recent memory, was the spike drive, pioneered by the Jotlan Corporation, it allows near light speed travel, cutting travel times from weeks to days or even hours. The Jotlan Corporation managed to keep the technology private for one and a half years before the Steiber Company managed to reverse engineer the device. Rumour has it, the Jotlan Corporation is working on a second, larger version of a spike drive, which will allow faster than light travel.


Most Liber won't lift a finger unless there's money in it, descended from a very solitary species as they are, their first priorities lie with themselves always. Unless there is some personal incentive for them to do something, it is very unlikely they will do it. An Inge may do something to sate scientific curiosity, this is the closet to being a good Samaritan the species as a whole often comes. If a Liber appears to be doing something from the goodness of their heart, be worried.