The land of voldamia was once a simple land, un-unified and peaceful. However 925 years ago, the savage horse clans who inhabited the lands surrounding the voldamians, seemingly as one, took control of the land by force before turning on each other in a great civil war. During these times was the shogunite society forged, as was their caste system. Each of these clans was separated into 3 castes. First, the warrior cast, consisting of the ruling family and the warriors of their clan. Other than those charged with ruling, the entire purpose of the warrior caste is to be fighters, and so spend their whole lives preparing to fight. Second, the civilian caste. This is by far the largest, and the civilian caste is responsible for almost everything else in voldamia, from diplomacy, to construction, to farming, to medicine. And Thirdly, the servant caste. The servant caste is made up of the poverty stricken citizens of voldamia. Each member of this caste has two options in life, become a willing servant to a family of another caste, or be homeless. They are not slaves however, and are given what is deemed fair pay for their work and good living conditions provided they choose to serve willingly. It is and always has been forbidden for children to be born from a couple of separate castes, and those children who are discovered to be such a hybrid are always forced into the servant caste. Voldamia did not say seperate forever however, and after 75 years of civil war the land was united, with the head of the Drago clan crowned shogunate emperor. The Drago clan rules Voldamia to this day, and have developed a very distinctive appearance, with pale skin, black hair, and some claim, Glowing red eyes. The warrior caste of Voldamia have a very strong belief in the strength of  horses. They believe that the horse was created specifically to be used by men as a companion. They believe in an unbreakable bond between man and beast, and that the two together creates the ultimate warrior. As a result they have the most cavalry of any nation and also the best, making them truly feared in battle.