"Do not draw your steel unless it is needed. But if you ever draw it, sheathe it bloodily."
—Adyghan honour code "Khabze".
Saskho 01

A standard Adyghan Guard Sashkho.

The Saskho, is a traditional, 90-centimeter, extremely sharp, single-edged, slightly curved Adyghan sword, used by almost all Adyghan Guard troops. Its flexibility and speed of use are superior to many Imperial Guard swords. Its lack of sword guard may seem like it gets the hand into danger but provides relatively high mobility. Its hilt resembles the shape of a joint for the human palm, allowing the wielder to use the sword as it an extension of the body.


Its use began during the early Age of Progress, and slowly faded away as ranged weapons became more and more advanced, but it remained as a cultural object and parade soldier item. After the colonisation of Adyghan Prime, it began being used by the cavalry forces of the colonists, but as the Orkish invasion began, its use became crucial and took its place among the military equipments and daily life of the rural Adygh. During the Horus Heresy, the weapons have been upgraded so that a regular Adyghan Guardsman could have a chance against Astarte power armour.