The Ragnor are the most unknown and most terrifying faction upon the phoenix isle. They are considered strange, abhuman creatures, they are often used like demonic monsters in childrens stories in many cultures. They live in a network of tunnels that spans the entire known world, at least supposedly, for no man has ever entered their tunnels and returned alive. They usually keep to themselves, but rarely they choose to perform raids on the surface world. These raids vary in scale, but the largest of  them have lead to entire cities being burned to the ground. The ragnor beast is truly a sight to behold. They are larger than any human other than the mortem clavae, with sharp teeth and dangerous claws. Most strangely, they do not have eyes, and yet they are clearly completely aware of their surroundings. In battle they make extensive use of phalanx warfare, with no use at  all of cavalry or war beasts. Some claim that some ragnor can make use of magic, but no proof exists. Oddly however, it seems that they will always, without fail aggressively attack any dragons they come across, with varying degrees of success. Nothing else is known for definite about he ragnor, except that rumor has it, they have great underground cities unknown to mankind, and are lead by an immortal warrior king. A king known as Ragnarok