"Do not draw your steel unless it is needed. But if you ever draw it, sheathe it bloodily."
—Adyghan honour code "Khabze".
Qama 01

A standard Adyghan Guard Qama.

The Qama, a 45-centimeter, double-edged, extremely sharp, one-handed melee implement, is the ubiquitous backup weapon for warriors of Adyghan solar system. It is shaped very similar to Roman gladius, but has a rectangular handle, to make the grip more precise. All ranks and fields of military, private to general, engineer to strategist, possesses this weapon, as almost every man on Adyghan Prime does.

It is usually covered with leather, and the handle and furniture are made out of silver and engraved with traditional Adygh symbols. Despite how it looks like, wielder does not hold it how a Roman gladius is held like. The pommel is grabbed by the palm, middle, ring, and pinky fingers, whilst the handle is held with the thumb and index finger, if it were to be thrusted forward. If it is held the other way around, things are simply the opposite.

It is an ancient tool that has been used by the Adyghan bloodline since way before the Age of Progress.