Key: Red - Dracian Empire Yellow - Kelthro Dark green - Cymria Light green - Thengul Orange - Shogunite Voldamia Brownish - Brigardi Blue - Black Mountain Clans Grey - Neutral Areas Grey Dot - Major City Grey Dot with cross through it - Capital City Grey squareish U shape - Famous Ruin

The Phoenix Isle is so named because its shape resembles that of a gigantic bird. Legend tells that the island was once a gigantic god-phoenix, who fell to earth, where the waters of the ocean extinguished its great flames and turned its body to rock stone and soil. A large continent, the isle contains several different environments. The most famous and largest landmark is the vein. the vein stretches from the eastern wing tip, and the lands known as monte-terra, along the entire breadth of the island, before reaching the sea at the western wingtip. The vein divides the isle in two, being too deep and wide to ford and too treacherous to sail across in most parts, making it a fairly daunting natural border, and making those bridges that do exist valuable strategic points most factions often fight over. In the southern area of the isle near the tail feathers, most of the land is a great desert,  known as the Engapheli desert, split in two by the river Kuphila, where the lands become more fertile savannas rather than vast oceans of sand. This desert is home to the kingdom of kelthro, as well as some of the largest creatures in the land. The central ‘band’ of the isle is a temperate area, made up of vast grassy plains and great wooded areas. Further north, at the wingtips, the temperature drops dramatically, with the most northern parts being considered frozen wastes by many. Surprisingly however, the wingtips have the most fertile soil in the land, and thus highly contested. The western wingtip is overcome by a seemingly unending forest, making it an utter nightmare for an attacking army, thus why it is still considered neutral ground. The eastern wingtip, known as monte-terra, is completely isolated via the land by the black mountains, forming a natural border all around the land. Monte-terra is home to the black mountain clans, a hardy people who have made the most of their natural isolation. The ocean between the wingtips is known as the sea of blades, and is home to the shattered isles. The shattered isles form the ‘head’ and ‘neck’ of the phoenix, and are a series of dozens of mountains, jutting out from the sea of blades. In the middle of the shattered isles, is a great island known as chronos, the former home to the city of Lyca.