"I shall not counsel you against fear of the daemon: the Emperor knows you have none. But even psycannon and daemonhammer cannot carry the day against such a foe, for what use is the bolter shell against disease, terror and madness? No, it is faith! Faith is our impenetrable shield and when faced with such belief the daemon becomes weak. Faith is our fiery sword and with it we burn out the diabolic cancer of Chaos wherever it is found."
— Attributed to Lord Inquisitor Hephaestos Grudd

The Ordo Malleus, whose Inquisitors are often referred to as Daemonhunters, is the sub-division of the Imperial Inquisition tasked with protecting the Imperium of Mankind from the daemonic dangers of Chaos. Along with the Ordo Hereticus (Witch Hunters) and the Ordo Xenos (Alien Hunters), the Ordo Malleus makes up the byzantine organisation that is the Inquisition. Aided by the elite psychic Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter, who serve as the Ordo Malleus' Chamber Militant, it is the task of the Inquisitors and Acolytes of the Ordo Malleus to destroy the physical manifestation of Chaos, daemons, in the physical universe as well as any other agents of Chaos who threaten both the peace and the souls of the Imperium's people.

Notable Ordo Malleus Inquisitors

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