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Current Capital: Gurband

Current King: Hallkatla the Ruthless

Allies: -

Enemies & Rivals: Everyone except themselves

Other Tribes and Jarls:

  • Kjalmø - Jarl Wulfric
  • Drakelö - Jarl Bior
  • Jorgum - Jarl Gunnar
  • Fendur - Jarl Pal
  • Gwarb - Jarl Thorfinn
  • Heindall - Jarl Sigfreed
  • Amorth - Jarl Rhogar
  • Lörder - Jarl Valgard

Northmen Tribes is a tribal federation located in northwestern Falder, north of the Crying Mountains. There are nine tribes in this federation, each governed by a Jarl, and nine Jarls elects a King amongst them, by a trial of champions. The king has no function on other Jarls' lands, but leads the armies on raids and other battles, so that the federation stays a federation, not a kingdom. The main political goal of this barbarian federation is to conquer whole Forever Snow Realm and claim the title of true rulers of the North. Other than that, they basically invade and lay raids on other lands, to claim the richness that they have. Ethnically, they share the same ancestors with Steichtians, but they got separated due to the distance between them and religious beliefs about one and a half thousand years ago. They worship the old gods of the North, while Steichtians believes in a monotheistic religion.