Night Ravens is a two-thousand-year old Kabal, led by its first and only Archon, Lathrael Daghmir, member of the fallen House Daghmir. The the member consistence of the Kabal are majorly Trueborns, they keep distant relations with everyone else, dwelling in abandoned docking spires, far from the center of Commorragh. They all originate from noble houses, either disowned by their houses or survived the catastropies of their houses. Their signature weapons are melee, once they are close enough, few things can prevent them from overwhelming their enemies. Their vehicles are the fastest among the surrounding Kabals, Raiders ripping off flesh like hurricane of metal, Razorwings faster than eyesight can comprehend. What motivates them is the desire of immense power. Their goal is to achieve power above all, Not only upon the Dark City but the entire Milkyway Galaxy, if not the entire observable universe. Only other organisation they allow nearby them is a Wych Cult, their Succubi having strong relations with Lathrael.