Capital: Whitefell

Royal House: House Nonmington

Current King: Geebsen Nonmington

Allies: -

Enemies & Rivals: Kingdom of Steichnia, Northmen Tribes.

A Northerner kingdom in Northern Falder. People of this kingdom is originated from Steichnia and Swarfell. The lands that the kingdom is found on used to be an exiling domain. When the amount of people who survived the cold was high enough, they formed an allegiance, worked together hard and built it to be a kingdom. They got used to cold and snow, and began to like it. They populated, expanded their kingdom in snowlands where no one else could dwell. When they went enough to the west, they reached the Northmen Tribes, the folk that they fight over the Forever Snow Realm. To the south, Forgruïr kings tried to conquer shores to assemble a fleet in Arridian Sea. The shores belonged to the Kingdom of Steichnia, and both kingdoms has been fighting over these shores for about a half century. Due to the instability of war, no kingdom has been able to build a functioning port.