The Kingdom of Kelthro is the second oldest nation in the phoenix isle, and the only nation to match the mighty Dracian empire for wealth. Having been formed when the first King of Kelthro forcefully subjugated the other people who had settled the lands of the Engapheli desert and along the banks of the Kuphila, Kelthro is and always has been a nation supported by slaves. Be  they born into their position or taken from their homes elsewhere, the slaves of kelthro vastly outnumber the free men. Every household in kelthro is home to slaves, and they perform every task that the free men of kelthro deem beneath that, be that serving food, manual labour, or serving as ‘escorts’ for the free men. Every slave has their purpose, as those who refuse to serve are subject to draconian punishments, the least of which being beatings or flogging, the worst of which being given to the king's torturers. As would be expected, the majority of the armies of kelthro are made up of slaves, and they are constantly required to fight, most often in lightning raids against other nations to collect more slaves, as they are always in need of more. This has however made enemies of almost every other nation, meaning their slave armies are more than ever required to defend the kingdom’s borders, leading to more slave raids on other nations.