Status: Active

House Colors: Black and Red

House Motto: Steel your mind, for the body is but a vessel.

House Leader: Unknown

House Members: Unknown

Location: City of Deathmyre, Land of Outlaws, Pirate Bay, Western Bronze Mountains, continent of Falder

Allies: -

Enemies & Rivals: -


House Sethil is a new house, having overtaken its predecessor in a mass assassination of the houses former masters; the new rulers call themselves the plague priests, wearing long black robes and cloaks; and a fiendish looking crow mask. They rule their people with fear and ruthlessness.

More recently, their numbers of soldiers has risen, how this has been done is anyone's guess; many believe it is because they are hiring gangs and outlaws from their lands, others believe it is to do with forced recruitment of children from their own city; known as Deathmyre.

Whatever the reason, their ranks have bolstered tremendously, all wearing the striking red uniforms with the tall hats. The men at arms carry weapons in either disciplined blocks or as smaller skirmishes, most often seen with swords and shields, but polearms and pikes have been used also.

They are also famed and feared for their impressive navy, their ships range from quick boarding craft too hulking brutes of ships, largest too ever sail the seas, this is mostly thought to have occurred because of their proximity to the sea, and before these times pirate raids were frequent, but now it's almost like a pact has been signed.