"Our beautiful land is besieged on all sides, but we resist the like our fathers did before us. We will emerge victorious and more intractable than ever to these turbulent times when our corrupt brothers come to ravage our shores. We are the Asur, the son of Aenarion and Ulthuan shall never fall. "
—Prince Tyrion, Defender of Ulthuan
High Elves Northstar

The Northstar is one of the most common symbol of the High Elves of Ulthuan

The High Elves, or the Asur as they call themselves, are one of the most ancient and powerful mortal civilizations within the Warhammer World. Hailing from a mighty mist-shrouded island-continent located within the center of the Great Ocean, the High Elves of Ulthuan are a proud and mighty nation of masterful warriors, peerless mages and lords of the sky and sea. They are an ancient race with powerful armies and even grander magic, building a grand and all-mighty civilization who, alongside the Dwarfs, fought a long-forgotten, apocalyptic war which saw some of the greatest and most powerful mortal heroes battle against the great darkness that tried to consume the world at the dawn of this world's creation. At the zenith of their power, the world was truly theirs for the taking.

Yet their noble and compassionate nature, which was once one of the Elves greatest and most noble character was soon replaced by a great sense of pride and hubris in their own vanity and superiority. In their blind arrogance, they've only succeeded in shattering their once powerful friendship with the Dwarfs, culminating in a Great War which only crippled these two elder races and shatter whatever bright future there was for this young world. Isolated and alone in a world they no longer control, the High Elves are facing the twilight years of their existence, their cities no longer bustling with vibrancy and life as they use to be but now serve as a gloomy reminder of their ultimate, impending demise.

The time of the High Elves has passed, or so it is said, yet such is their immense pride that they fight on nonetheless, for they consider themselves the true and rightful protectors of this ancient world, and they believe that so long as their civilization persist throughout the ages, this dying world will never fall into complete darkness. If oblivion is indeed to be their fate, they have chosen to face it with arrow nocked and sword held high, defending the world they have loved and protected for so long. So do the white-garbed hosts of Ulthuan march to war, banners streaming in the wind and every warrior reconciled to death in service of a greater cause; the protection of this very world. Let the servants of destruction beware their righteous wrath.


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