Helixius Prime

Civilised World/Fortress World

Orbital radius

1 AU




15 Degrees C



Planetary Governor





Ghoul Stars


Ultima Segmentum

Helixius Prime is the homeworld of the Imperial Guard regiment of the Servants of the Emperor, with a highly zealous and disciplined population, it is a beacon of hope and creed in the Ghoul Stars.

The communications with planet were cut off for an unknown reason, Every attempt to establish it back again has been failed. According to the reports of the rescue part which was tasked to find out what has been going on, the infrastructure of the planet is heavily damaged beyond repair and not a single corpse nor the remains of an organic life form was found. Experts assume that it was one of the tendrils of Hive Fleet Jormungandr what wiped out all sentient life on the planet. But this theory was cancelled due to future discoveries of the team, a portion of the flora and fauna survived whatever hit the planet, if it were to be the Tyranids, not a single nail of an animal would have been found.

Later on, harder to track due to high psyker population previously resided but still to be found, trails of Chaos forces have been discovered upon the planet's surface. Whether it still lies unproven, the theory is that warriors of Chaos had invaded the world and collected every single individual living on the planet for their purposes, their intentions unknown.

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