The dragons are the most powerful beings in existence, revered by many, feared by the rest. The dragons appeared as if from nowhere, one thousand years ago, in the only example of dragons working together when they obliterated the empire of stracia. There are 2 major species of dragons. First, the more infamous and rare, the great dragons. Great dragons are truly gigantic, estimated at over three hundred feet tall with much greater wingspans. They can obliterate cities single handedly, and their wrath is legendary,but thankfully they are solitary beasts. Lesser dragons are much smaller, around six feet tall, with furred manes, and lacking the wings of their greater counterparts. They live in small family groups in caves, and are deadly for their size. All dragons share several traits. All are highly intelligent and capable of speech, all prefer to live in caves or atop mountains, all have legendarily thick skin, and all can breath gouts of fire to incinerate their foes. Dragons may be deadly, but they are not aggressive, and will not attack humans unless aggravated. There are however many ruins across the phoenix isle that are testament to the folly of those who thought they were brave enough to be dragonslayers.