Dragons are rare creatures that there is not much known about them except how to slay them, they are magical creatures that casts spells just by thought, their will is iron, people with weak minds tend to get hypnotized by them within a second.


They used to be seen as gods, they were beings of great power and gereat wisdom that ruled over the lands and humans would worship them, they built great monuments in the Dragons' honour. Yet some grew jealous. Dragons controlled everything through the use of magic, from flying to changing the weather. Clearing valleys to raising mountains.

Men wanted this power, they delved into forbidden arts and claimed the dragons power in the name of mankind. With the power to alter the world itslef at their fingertips, mankind rebelled against the dragons rule. A great war followed where the glorious power of the dragons came face to face with the collective might of mankind. One on one, a dragon could smite a man with a mere thought, yet when thousands wielding unstable magical powers rose up, the dragons soon realised their doom. Under the dragons rule, mankind had prospered, they lived in great stone cities that the dragons had created, they bred. The dragons were outnumbered, intially they were winning. Man was greedy, they wanted to keep the secrets for themselves so they could become like gods. But they quickly begun to understand that mankind would not survive without it, so they taught how to cast spells. Great gatherings of those able to summon the power appeared, and they quickly grew both in size and power.

The dragons had long since mastered magic and had grown complacent and confident in their abilities. Men were the amateur, yet it was them who could summon a power far greater than the dragons. With the sacrifice of over half their number they could control nature itself. Great oceans rose, mountains crumbled, and the dragons fell.

Unable to hold off such power, they fled, creating great tombs to hold the last of their kind. Yet no living dragon entered these tombs for within were the eggs of the final generation, hundreds of Stone eggs had been placed within inside these was the last hope of a dying race. With mankind wanting their utter destruction, they sacrificed themselves, Combining their powers and sending their eggs to a new home, devoid of man, devoid of life. This home is known to man as the Twillight Realm, the plane between life and death. This is where the Dragons lay.