The Dracian Empire is believed by many to be the most powerful faction in the phoenix isle. An empire that is over nine centuries old, they have carved out their territory with the force of their mighty legions, until all land north of the vein belongs to them. They are possibly the richest nation, with kelthro being their only competitor in that field, and have by far the largest army. The Dracian legions pride themselves on being superior to the other nations armies, with some of the best training, equipment and discipline of any nation in history. The Dracian empire is governed by a senate, made up of representatives from across the empire. At the head of the senate are 2 consuls, each elected by the senate every 3 years. The consuls are the true rulers of Dracia, but they do not have complete life and death control over the entire empire, and maintain veto power over the other consul’s decisions. In the darkest of times and most dire of circumstances, the senate has the power to elect a dictator who does have life and death power over every person in the empire, but only maintains this power for a year unless re-elected. The city of Dracia itself is right at the base of the ‘neck’ of the phoenix isle, protected from land assaults by two mountain ranges, and protected from naval assault by the shattered isles. The city itself has never fallen. Dracia is founded upon  the ruins of a great city from the empire of Stracia, who were the greatest empire in history before their fall. As a result of this ‘heritage’ the people of Dracia believe they are the heirs to the Stracian dynasty, and proudly defend this claim. This overly proud attitude along with their usual xenophobia to hostile nations, has earned the empire many enemies across the phoenix isle.