The Symbol of House Uthorin

The Dark Elves (Eltharin: Druchii) are one of the three elven civilisations. They are the descendants of those who supported prince Malekith in his failed bid to ascend to the Phoenix Throne of Ulthuan. When Malekith was rejected and burned alive by the Flames of Asuryan, his followers fled from Ulthuan to the western continent of Naggaroth. There, ruled by Malekith who they now know as the Witch King, they become a cruel and bitter slaving nation sustained by constant raids on the younger races and their cousins on Ulthuan. Six millennia on, their ancestral feud against the High Elves has not ended. Their many attempts to retake Ulthuan have since been thwarted but Malekith's ambition remains unchanged; his fortunes may yet change.


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