Charles von Carstien







6ft 10"









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Place of Birth



Vladimir von Carstien (adoptive father), Viktor von Carstien (biological son)


Imperium of Man, Inquisition, Ordo Xenos


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Imperium of Man

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Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

Inquisitor Lord Charles Von Carstien, is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos. His name is known far and wide amongst the ranks of the inquisition, as a strange and eccentric man, but one who is incredibly skilled and reliable should you choose to accept his aid. He is considered by many to be an extreme radical amongst the Ordo Xenos, as he is more than willing to parlay and negotiate with the foul non-humans, but those who have worked beside him also know that his wrath with those xenos with whom diplomacy does not work is truly a thing to behold, as are his skills as a combatant and his sheer, unbridled psychic might. He commandeers his black ship The Emnity into the unforgiving horrors of the void.

Early Life

Little is known of Charles' life before he rose to the rank of Inquisitor. In fact a great deal is unknown about him, such as his age, place of birth, or parentage. Charles himself claims he was born of human parents on a world captured by the Tau in their earliest expansions. His parents were apprehended by Tau authorities when Charles was still in his infancy, and the young boy adopted by Tau parents. The two raised him as their own until he was around ten years old, at which point the Damocles Gulf Crusade reached his home. During the chaos, his adoptive parents were killed, and the orphan Charles was discovered by his future mentor, Vladimir von Carstien. Vladimir saw the potential in the young boy as an agent of humanity, having been raised under Tau parents and yet being a human child. Vladimir took Charles in as both his apprentice and son, and gave him the best education he could give the boy with his vast resources.

While this story seems far fetched, Imperial records do support its' accuracy, with Inquisitor Vladimir having indeed taken part in the Damocles Gulf Crusade, and having emerged with the young Charles as his son and apprentice. However, several other, much harder to find, older records show Inquisitor Charles as being a fully grown Inquisitor lord many decades, even centuries before the Damocles Gulf Crusade, and several of the people that Charles claims to have met, such as Lord Solar Macharius, died before the crusade's beginning. The truth behind these contradictory sources remains a mystery to all, save for Charles himself.