8-pointed Star of Chaos.

Chaos is a term used variously to describe a mutating and corrupting force from the Realm of Chaos which manifests in the world. The ways of the Chaos Gods are evil, watching with amusement as mortals destroy each other and the world. Chaos has the potential to exist in all realms of the world because of the evil within mortal hearts. There are dark, secretive Chaos Cults hidden in the Empire of Man, and there are rumors of Chaos worshipers amongst the Dark Elves. However, the true "Realm of Chaos" exists far to the north above the Chaos Wastes, a dead region of icy desert, mountain, and tundra. In the Chaos Wastes are the citadels and monuments of the proud champions of Chaos, those who have proven their worth to the Chaos Gods and have earned their blessing.







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