"Every moment of anger, hate, deceit, pain, suffering, pleasure, and desire is mirrored in the power of Chaos. When its legions march, they march to return upon us a ruin that is of our own making."
— Arenal, Eldar Farseer
Star of Chaos

The Chaos Star of Chaos Undivided

Chaos, also known to its servants as the Primordial Truth or the Primordial Annihilator, and to the Imperium of Man as the Archenemy, is the universal and usually malign spiritual force embodied by the malevolent intelligent entities comprised of psychic energy that live in the Warp. Chaos is the equal and opposite of Order. The entities who embody Chaos are mostly daemons, but the term also encompasses those mortals who have thrown in their lot with Chaos, ranging from simple peasants and/or manufactorum labourers who serve as Chaos Cultists, to Traitor Imperial Guardsmen, planetary militia, Imperial nobles, Planetary Governors, and even the mighty Chaos Space Marines and Traitor Titan Legions of the Dark Mechanicus.

Chaos Warbands

Notable Chaos Warbands created by our community.

Chaos Cultists

Notable Chaos Cultists created by our community.

Chaos Space Marines

Notable Chaos Space Marines created by our community.

Chaos Daemons

Notable Chaos Daemons created by our community.