Civilised World

Orbital radius








Governing Faction

Khess Empire

Planetary Governor

Thaosk-Vitrox Vus Rhax

Inhabitant Species






Sub Sector


  The planet is 1.6 times bigger than Earth, but gravity is only 1.45 times higher on the surface, suggesting lower overall density. The length of a day is roughly 30 hours, and the year is roughly 400 earth days. The planet is rather arid, although not unbearably so. Water is plenty, but in certain areas, while other get little rain over the year. Much of the continents is covered in rocky cliffs. It is not uniform, however, as there are also the expected deserts, jungles, expansive forests, and oceans. 

The capital of the world is currently Rhax, a militaristic city-state who has won the last three wars for dominion over the planet. All other city-states owe allegiance to them until defeated in one way or another, but each city is largely autonomous within its sphere of influence. 

Officially, Rhax is also the capital of the Khess Empire, but there is currently a rising tension between Khess and other major worlds regarding the status of colonies as independent or subject to the same rules as Khess. Negotiations are underway. 

Upon the surface of Khess, there are large areas set aside for wars. This is as much the national sport, as it is a struggle for power: The winner takes all. 

The leader of Rhax is Thaosk-Vitrox Vus Rhax, assisted by his mate, Kreh-Kharox Ves Rhax.