Rural Adygh men having a conversation while smoking their pipes. One displaying the ach'e hair, with the hat off.

Adygh are known to never leave their dead on the battlefield, and knowing this, their enemies always attacked them while they were collecting their dead men, having them giving most casualties during such conditions. Thus, Adygh developed a solution for this in the ancient times, the men who rode and fought shaved their heads and left only a handful of hair on the back of their heads, thus allowing them to easily and cleanly decapitate them, and bringing only their heads back to their homes. It is also done due to the difficulty of carrying the whole body in long distances and considered better than simply leaving the funeral to the enemy. This practice was abandoned before the beginning of M3 but gained popularity again when the Orkish invasion began, after the colonization of Adyghan Prime. Thus, the Headsman class was born in the Adyghan Guard.

Their main duty is to fight, same as any Guardsman, but their special duty is to collect the heads of the dead if the course of battle changes in the enemy's favour. Else, they don't collect the heads and collect the whole bodies instead, if there is time to do it. Their appearance and gear are overall the same with any Adyghan Guardsman, but the Headsmen carry a black ribbon attached to their left shoulder pad, as a sign to be the one who carries the funerals back home.