Abrec in ambush gear.

The Abrecs are Adygh, who have been dishonoured and expelled from their society as punishment. This seemingly light punishment is the worst punishment that an Adygh can take, getting forced to live away from everyone they love, everyone they know. Being forced to live so far away that no one would recognize their faces or names. Living the rest of their lives as strangers, castaways, exiles.

They live in wilderness, hunt down Orks, bandits and such, aiming to reclaim their honor which will come with a death blow of a blade, or an unfortunate bullet through the heart. They join the military in times of war, there are even specialized Abrec regiments which are formed in case of emergencies.

They are, highly skilled, reckless, truly fearless warriors, who have nothing left to lose, as they lost their honour. They rarely sleep, to avoid falling asleep while resting, they put their heel upon the other foot's toe, thus waking them up as their foot falls off, in case if they lose consciousness. They cannot risk getting ambushed and killed while their guard is down, which is the case they believe that they cannot reclaim their honour.